Letter: 'There's no such thing as global warming'

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Surely many readers besides myself take umbrage at the notion Scarborough Marsh is endangered by global warming (“Rising sea level means marsh may have a wetter future,” Aug. 30). A concerted effort by dedicated global warming alarmists to disseminate “assertions as fact” through various community newspapers and municipal officials prone to have faith in such liberal quackery, has met surprisingly little resistance. If left unchallenged, Scarborough may actually follow through with proposed impractical zoning ordinance changes pertaining to land in proximity to Scarborough Marsh, the goal of which seems to be to convince marsh abutters to donate their land to conservation zealots like Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

A fisherman catching crabs is now proof of global warming? Maybe on April 1. Clearly, there is insufficient compelling scientific basis for asserting the “inevitability” of ocean levels rising, or changing at all, in either scope of geology or human experience. The earth’s geological processes occur over eons, not a few human lifespans. Anthropomorphization of the weather has historically spawned frequent and often simultaneous predictions of both global warming and a coming ice age. Such predictions can always be shown to have genesis in the winds of political change, not weather.

If this is the kind of help Maine Municipal Planning Assistance Program is doling out with our tax dollars, to fund nonsense like a “Sea Level Adaptation Working Group” in every coastal town, a rising tide of acronym-credentialed liberal bureaucrats is something I find more concerning. Because there’s no such thing as global warming.

Greg Jordan
Cape Elizabeth