Letter: The Trump presidency requires vigilance

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I continue to be appalled by the antics of Donald Trump. His “victory-lap rally” on Dec. 1 is so reminiscent of Adolph Hitler and other megalomaniacs that we should all be horrified of this man. Donald Trump is a most dangerous person who seems to be gliding along a path to wield complete power over us all.

His continued denigration of the press and media should be a wake-up call for everyone to be vigilant to guard against his suppression of our free press. It is so disheartening to see all the gullible people cheering as they imbibe his lies. We must all keep abreast of the webs he is weaving and communicate with our elected senators and representatives to quell his excessive governance before it ensnares us.

More than ever we must guard against losing Medicare, Social Security, the right all of us have to vote, the environmental regulations protecting our water and clean air, the right to use birth control, the equality of us all. Every right and statute that guarantees us a quality of life in an enlightened world is at risk of being withdrawn. One only has to read the biography of the members of his cabinet and the advisers he has chosen to see the black clouds forming.

Never has there been a time in the last 60-plus years so crucial as now to remain aware of what our governing administration is doing and how you can act to protect our constitutional freedoms and way of life.

Lois Stailing
South Portland