Letter: The bare essentials of Trump's message

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As I drove down Route 1 recently, it took me a while to figure out that the Trump campaign signs were obscured by lovely specimens of women’s lingerie. My first thought was, why were they there? My next thought was that maybe I should stop and “lift” some of them because they appeared to be high-end lingerie and could be my size. My final and more redeeming thought was that the lingerie were contributions to our current political discourse, i.e., the recent Trump antics and his pattern of valuing women as nothing more than sex objects. I’d be frightened to have Trump elected president and have four years of ignorant misogyny, prejudice, and fear-mongering at the pinnacle of our government.

We are all victims of this gutter discourse from our presidential candidates. Let’s focus instead on uniting our country around the issues and improving the health, economics and happiness of all in our country.

Julie Schirmer