Letter: Tell lawmakers to stand up to General Dynamics

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Thanks to Orlando Delogu for his information and clarity that proposed legislation LD 1781 is a bill to oppose (“Policy Wonk: 10 reasons why BIW tax break is a bad deal”). This bill commits to give $3 million a year for the next 10 or 20 years from Maine’s tax dollars to General Dynamics, owner of Bath Iron Works, in spite of the fact that GD has moved up into the Fortune 100 because of its huge annual profits.

Most legislators from both political parties are inclined to pass Maine’s tax dollars on to General Dynamics, a Virginia-based corporation. Maine legislators express a fear that GD will pack up and move somewhere else and we will lose 5,700 jobs in our state. I don’t buy it, and I find the argument insulting to BIW’s workforce. If BIW’s motto is true that “Bath built is best built,” it’s not credible that $3 million a year would make BIW less competitive, or would make its parent company abandon this shipyard.

Tell your legislators that you have a better use for $3 million a year. Personally, I’m thinking that money would be better spent housing people who are homeless. What is your idea? Don’t be shy; tell your legislator. Without your voice, they will not have the courage or incentive to stand up to General Dynamics.

Mary Beth Sullivan