Letter: Tell Cape Elizabeth councilors ordinances are ordinances

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In an attempt to place a square peg in a round hole, the Cape Elizabeth Planning Board is initiating a misguided change to the zoning ordinances to shoehorn the proposed Maxwell Woods Development into its selected location.

This late-game rule change would allow the developer to use land that does not qualify in calculating the size of the development. The current ordinances require a tract of land be a minimum of 5 contiguous acres, the tract proposed in the development is only 2.07 acres. While not against development, changing the rules mid-game sets a dangerous precedent. Applicants should have to submit a proposal that complies with current and fully vetted ordinances. The Planning Board should not be crafting 11th-hour zoning ordinance amendments that water down the protection of open space, to fit an application.

This property can still be developed, but within current ordinances, simply by reducing the size and scope of the proposal. Please contact our councilors and let them know you oppose this action.

Michael Layton
Cape Elizabeth