Letter: Tell Beem it has already happened here

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Edgar Allen Beem’s column last week must have been created in the liberal political bubble he lives in. Anyone who reads Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here” knows that it has happened here.

He quotes from the novel that President Windrup set up a Jeffersonian party to appeal to “integrity and reason,” consolidated his power by curtailing the rights of women and minorities, eliminating state power in favor of administrative sections, declaring Congress will serve in an advisory capacity and the Supreme Court will be prohibited from declaring any law unconstitutional.

The government already controls everything it helps fund: Free speech has been stifled on and off the college campus (Bowdoin College censuring students for wearing a sombrero at a Halloween costume party). Government agencies spewing regulations with no regard of their costs or practicalities.

The president’s disregard of our immigration laws, pay-to-play donations to the Clinton Foundation, presidential edicts that congress would never pass: One can only hope that Obama’s successor, with the help of “the deplorables,” will remove these unconstitutional roadblocks and unfetter our country and private industry so that we can make our country great again.

Nick Pappas
Cape Elizabeth