Letter: Tax policy for Web businesses is unfair

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Say what you will about Gov. LePage, but when it comes to his support of the Marketplace Fairness Act, he’s right on the money.

For too long, small businesses like ours have endured a severe competitive disadvantage when it comes to tax policy. While we’re required to charge state sales tax on every sporting good we sell, our Web-based competitors are not. That’s like giving a runner a five-second head start at a track meet. It’s blatantly unfair and doesn’t even come close to passing the straight-face test.

Unfortunately, a number of powerful, well-funded Internet retailers present a formidable lobbying machine. Sensing a threat to their long-enjoyed (yet patently unfair) competitive advantage, they’re vigorously fighting Congress’ attempt to bring equality to the market.

That’s why I’m urging my fellow Mainers, especially other small business owners, to follow Gov. LePage’s lead by supporting the Marketplace Fairness Act. If enough of us contact Sens. Snowe and Collins and voice our support, then there’s a chance David can defeat Goliath once more.

Jennifer Johnson
Johnson’s Sporting Goods