Letter: Support high school renovation for future generations

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I am writing in support of the upcoming vote on the South Portland High School Renovation Project. With absentee ballots available and election day just around the corner, I feel that it is critical for people to become informed on this important ballot question.

While discussions about the pros and cons of the project could go on forever, I will be voting for the renovation project for three basic reasons:

Accreditation — Every city and town is responsible for providing a strong school system to develop youth for upcoming opportunities and challenges. Our high school currently risks losing its accreditation because of the condition of the building. That is unacceptable. We must fix the problems.

Due Diligence — The deteriorated conditions at the high school have been known for a long time. Committees have been formed. Studies have been conducted. Skeptics have been involved. The result is a good proposal that addresses the problems with the building while keeping an eye on costs.

Investment — Every generation pays for certain things from which the next generations will benefit. In this wonderful city, at this point in time, the high school needs to be renovated. The next generations will benefit for decades to come.

For all these reasons, and more, I don’t think we can afford to not do this project now. Please take the time to attend information sessions, read articles and learn more about the high school renovation project. Then I hope that you will join me in voting for the project during this election.

Chris Keiter

South Portland