Letter: Students react to playground vandals

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Recently our school tether ball games at Mast Landing School were vandalized. One pole was snapped, one ball was punctured, and another ball was thrown into our school pond. Past fifth-graders who are currently in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades bought the two tether ball sets. These students paid for them by having yard sales during their recess time.

We feel sad and scared. It’s weird to think someone would do something like this to us when we haven’t done anything to him or her. We wonder if problems like this will happen again. We are sad because students really liked these tether ball games. They would line up at recess to play and sometimes the line was so long they might not even get a turn. Sometimes families would come to play after school.

We feel badly for all the people who enjoyed these games and were unable to play because of the vandalism. We are lucky, though, because our custodians have been able to fix our pole so it will work for a while, and people in our town are trying to raise money for new balls.

We want people who are thinking of vandalizing something to think again. Would you want someone to destroy something special to you, something that you worked hard to buy? We hope that whoever is responsible never does anything like this again.

Mrs. Allen’s Class
Mast Landing School