Letter: Story unfair to Brunswick GOP chairman

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I read with humor the story regarding the Brunswick Republican Town Committee chairman. In my many years of following politics at the all levels I have rarely seen such an attack borne out of a single comment to a weekly newspaper. The premise of the initial letter was preposterous.

As a long-time Brunswick resident, I am privileged to know Jon Crimmins. I have seen his dedication to causes in which he believes. His commitment to helping candidates has always been evident. For someone who has not lifted a finger to support candidates to throw stones is unseemly and speaks volumes about their own character.

Today marriage is a partnership between a husband and a wife. It makes sense for them to have an occasional disagreement about ideology. If Mr. Crimmins’ wife cannot express her support for a candidate by having her own yard sign then what does that say about America? Are women not allowed to express their own thoughts? I believe we have moved beyond that way of thinking.

A short time ago Jon was at my house delivering signs. When asked how many signs he had, his reply was “not enough.” That’s typical Jon. He wanted to make sure that as many people as he could reach had signs. He has always answered any call I placed to him in a very timely manner and has worked tirelessly to support Republican candidates.

The Brunswick Republican Committee is stronger because Jon Crimmins is their chairman.

Carole Graves