Letter: Stamp of disapproval for photo ID rules

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I recently went to the post office branch in a local store to purchase a roll of stamps. I was told that I had to show a photo identification to make that purchase. It seems rather odd that I am able to vote without presenting identification but, cannot purchase stamps without one. Does buying stamps profile me as a potential terrorist? If anyone has a rational explanation for this situation, I would be happy to hear it.

Gary Reed

  • Scott Harriman

    Were you required to show ID because of the nature of your purchase or because of your method of payment? There’s a difference.

    • tiresias75

      Good point! I have “CID” on the signature line of my credit card, in case it is ever stolen. Given the price of a roll of stamps these days, I suspect that you were not paying cash.

      • Scott Harriman

        Also, many businesses require an ID if someone pays with a personal check.