Letter: SPHS renovation? 'So obvious'

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No matter what your politics or motivations, some decisions are a big “duh-uh” (as in “that’s so obvious”). Such is the decision to vote yes to renovate South Portland High School.

Why? Because the cost of doing nothing is simply too high. South Portland is the only city in Maine with a AAA bond rating. Interest rates and construction costs are the lowest they’ll ever be. Do nothing and we will pay much more for much less.

The school’s accreditation is at risk and the window of opportunity to fix the problems is short. Probation status is very, very real and yes, colleges do know and do care. Do nothing and who explains to future graduates why their choices are limited because of our inaction.

That brings us to the biggie. Realtors report that some buyers are delaying purchase decisions until they see the outcome of this vote. Others have already said they will sell their homes and move for the benefit of their kids. This is serious. Do nothing and our property values sink along with our bond rating.

The clock has run out and we must take action if we are to avoid serious consequences for our inaction. As the old saying goes, you can pay me now or you can pay me later, but later is going to cost you a lot more. Whether you care more about fiscal responsibility, supporting education or maintaining property values, a yes vote to renew our high school is one big “duh-uh.”

Chris Trout
South Portland