Letter: Special ed takes special talent

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As a parent of a special needs child in Scarborough, I suggest people must take into consideration the many factors that necessitate the restraint of students. The Aucocisco school and specialty programs are designed and staffed to handle aggressive behavior. In a perfect world our public schools would have a much better teacher-student ratio with many years of experience. As we all know the funding is not there. Our teachers and aides are already underpaid. It takes a special person to teach in the Special Ed program. These teachers do it because they love it and want to help. When a student is a constant disruption it affects everyone around them.

Programs have been eliminated because there is no money. We have the privilege of voting for what we want and look at the poor turnout that we had at the polls this year. A good education and services take money. My family was part of a very large school district in Florida and I can tell you first hand that we have it good in Scarborough. Our district isn’t perfect and never will be. Someone is always going to be upset. My husband and I would like to give kudos to the staff and administration at Scarborough. We know that they care and work very hard at what they do and will continue to do the best they can with what they have.

Denise McSorley