Letter: South Portland vandalism a non-story

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I am truly appalled at last week’s story regarding sign vandalism in South Portland.

“The group spearheading an effort to ban dogs from Willard Beach is accusing dog owners of vandalizing campaign signs.” Is there any proof of this? Since when do accusations merit front page news?

“Gary Crosby … said his group put up about 200 signs … and within 24 hours more than a dozen had been vandalized, mostly near schools. … he suspects that the group opposing the referendum is behind the destruction of 15 percent of his signs.” Let’s see, this happened near schools, yet it was the group opposing the referendum that set out to destroy only the ones near schools? Hmmm.

“They’re spineless bastards.” This is from the candidate for City Council. I can just see how the council meetings will be flavored with his choice of language should he be elected.

I suggest that Crosby take a lesson from other groups in the area that stay calm in spite of all the accusations made about them. Let’s all grow up and act with dignity and professionalism. May each voter think twice about who they elect to their City Council, as it will affect the overall demeanor of each meeting.

Judy Cunningham
South Portland