Letter: South Portland taxes, spending have a cost

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In the next few weeks we will be seeing signs and ads for City Council candidates in South Portland.

We will see promises for a higher minimum wage, a green sustainable economy, promises to dictate how the citizens of South Portland live, spend, do business and recreate.

When you see these promises, they may look good at first glance. When you think about them, you begin to ask questions. What will it force businesses to do? What will it force us to do? How much will this cost in money and personal freedoms?

We are seeing businesses move to Scarborough where they are welcomed with open arms. Clark’s Pond will be almost vacant. Martin’s Point wanted to build. Someone decided they would rather have a vacant school building in the neighborhood, so Martin’s Point is leaving. The loss of businesses taking money from South Portland. Where will that money be made up?

People are leaving South Portland because property taxes go up every year. What is that doing to the elderly who would like to stay in their homes? Well-intentioned, short-term thinking is squeezing the middle class and hurting the elderly and the working people who live paycheck to paycheck.

When you see promises of a bright future given to us at the cost of taking money from other people, remember, you are those other people. Every time they spend and tax more, they hurt us more.

Kandi-Lee Hoy
South Portland