Letter: South Portland protest story unfair to DEW Haven

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I am writing to voice my and my family and friend’s unwavering support for DEW Haven and its owners, Bob and Julie Miner. I have personally known the Miners for the past 14 years. My family and friends have volunteered at their animal sanctuary and my son did his Eagle Scout project under their mentorship.

I find it both alarming and questionable that Kristina Snyder (a member of the New Hampshire Animal Rights League) organized a protest in South Portland and was given such a large voice in your newspaper. Exactly what are Snyder’s qualifications? Is she a veterinarian or a biologist? Just because Snyder “believes” something, doesn’t make it true.

I thought blackballing individuals went out after Maine’s Sen. Margaret Chase Smith set Joseph McCarthy in his place with her 1950 “Declaration of Conscience” speech. Smith’s demands for “validity, accuracy, credibility, and fairness” still ring true today and it is the utmost importance that our media outlets adhere to unflinching journalistic standards and provide unbiased reporting to the public.

Giving Snyder’s slanderous message this much coverage is purposely creating an atmosphere riddled with defamatory statements and distrust, unjustly towards the Miners. In my opinion your newspaper owes the Miners, Lone Wolf Media, and Animal Planet a huge apology and at the very least an unbiased second article about their business and its practices.

Sarah A. Sherman
Southport Island