Letter: South Portland parking ban draws ridicule

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South Portland does a tremendous job of snow removal. But do we need to close every street in the city for five months to get it done? The answer is obvious. The city of New York allows curb parking all year long. In 90percent of the city there is no other place to park. The parking garages are pre-paid year round and always full. The city manages.

Does the present policy bring in extra revenue? Obviously. Can we use the extra money? Of course. But Councilor Hughes’ flippant remark last week is not exactly the warm and fuzzy tone that the taxpaying public expects from its elected officials. Time will tell if we “have to put up with it.”

Two years ago I had an overnight visitor who parked his vehicle on the street in front of my house. When he went out to leave, he noticed a $25 parking ticket on his windshield. He had parked there dozens of time before, minus the tickets.

He contacted the police and inquired as to what had changed. He was told the ticket was for the overnight winter parking ban. This was around Nov. 3. It felt just like June outside.

Unfortunately for the city, my friend is a songwriter, singer and comic. He appears on radio all over the state, and his songs are heard by thousands all over the country. He now uses the “Winter Ticket on a Sunny Day” to poke fun at the city.

Robert M. Lord
South Portland