Letter: South Portland needs affordable housing

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While it is certainly welcome news that there will be additional housing units through Brick Hill development, nothing is being done in the city of South Portland to squarely address the urgent and pressing need for affordable housing for average, everyday residents.

I was born and raised in South Portland, and have spent the majority of my life here. My parents were average, ordinary people who worked hard to pay the bills and to raise my sister and me. There is no way that my parents would have been able to afford to raise us here under the type of housing conditions that exist in South Portland now.

Average everyday people can no longer afford to live here. So many people are being excluded, shut out, and being forced to move. Forcing the average Joe and Jane to live elsewhere is devastating to our collective South Portland community and sense of purpose. It is past time that something is done in this great city now to help out average people to live here and make our community something special.

Rick Foss-Lacey
South Portland 

  • jack bauer

    If “average ordinary people” can’t afford to live in Portland, then who are all those people I see there?

  • spcitizen

    It is not a right to live in South Portland. If you cannot afford it, move someplace that is less costly and stop complaining.
    All hail Emperor Blake!
    spcitizen has spoken

  • McKinleyME

    The 120 new apartments proposed for Brick Hill are market rate, not subsidized. In other words, they’re intended for “average, everyday residents.”

    Despite being market rate, the proposed rents will be a bit lower than some of the other market rate apartment complexes in the area. This is exactly what is needed for people who make too much money to qualify for housing assistance, but don’t make enough money to afford those higher-priced complexes. It’ll also be a boon for people want to pursue home ownership but need some time to save up a down payment, improve their credit, etc.

    Contact the developer and put your name on the waiting list!

  • Mainer1

    There is a lack of affordable housing because the illegals Catholic charities dumps on the taxpayers are taking housing intended for Mainers. and by the way, Catholic charities gets paid to bring in all the criminals. Stop Catholic Charities!