Letter: South Portland doesn't need new garage

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Is the South Portland fire chief kidding?

“It’s their turn,” Fire Chief Kevin Guimond was quoted recently, referring to his view that the public-works department deserves a new $20 million garage.

Their turn? Folks, this is not a game show. Public-works staffers, for all the superb work they do in this city, are not in line to win a prize.

Their turn? This is not “The Price Is Right,” where contestants line up to win prizes.

No, the people whose turn it is are the taxpayers. There is no need to spend $20 million for a building with its purpose being to put trucks under cover.

The city manager keeps saying trucks left outside rust quicker. For this we need to spend $20 million?

In truth, vehicles don’t rust when left outside. They rust when the wet metal frame dries – and that oxidation process is hastened if you put wet vehicles in a covered, heated space.

This idea that public works needs a new garage is a ruse.

Ted Cohen
South Portland