Letter: South Portland candidate repeats 'hateful rhetoric'

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South Portland City Council candidate Ernie Stanhope recently posted an Internet meme on Facebook that states the word “liberal” is an acronym for “lazy ignorant bastard exuding racism and lies.”

The City Council is nonpartisan. If I’ve got a pothole on my street that needs fixing and I can’t get help from City Hall, I don’t care whether my councilor is a conservative, a liberal, a centrist, or apolitical; I do care that he’ll listen to all of his constituents, no matter who they are or how they’re enrolled.

Referring to a large segment of the population as “lazy ignorant bastards exuding racism and lies” does not convince me that Stanhope will listen to citizens whose views differ from his own.

We deserve a councilor who will work for all of us, not just some of us. Hateful rhetoric has no place in city government and should be rejected by the voters.

Adrian Dowling
South Portland 

  • EABeem

    Gee, I always thought liberal stood for “Loving, intelligent, benevolent, enlightened residents of the American left.”

  • SierraTango

    I’ve heard that he’s posted even worse stuff than that on his FB page…

  • beachmom H

    Well, you go ahead and vote for Rose and Snyder. They want to completely rid South Portland of ALL petroleum products, ALL Propane and ALL pesticides, (except what you use on your cats and dogs). How do you suppose all of us will pay to convert our homes? Where do you suppose we’ll replace all the tax revenue from the companies that have been here for over 50 years? Where will all those jobs go?
    All of the plants and trees in the city, including your yard will be infested.
    So what. Stanhope thinks something is funny. I’m sure you aren’t an innocent angel when it comes to thinking something is funny that others may not.
    Welcome to first amendment world.

    • SierraTango

      “Welcome to first amendment world.”

      Indeed. I’m glad Mr. Stanhope posted that thing. It speaks volumes and is going to make this a much easier decision for a lot of people.