Letter: South Portland baseball fields not a dog park

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Some local dog walkers have been using South Portland National Little League fields as a substitute for their own backyards. It is not OK and not within your rights as a taxpayer to run your dogs on the fields, which are clearly marked with signs that say “No Dogs.” SPNLL leases the property and pays for any and all upkeep and maintenance, which includes cleaning up after irresponsible dog owners.

Other dog walkers feel they are being responsible when they scoop, and then simply toss the bag over one of the fences surrounding the little league fields in the general direction of a trash can. Dog waste bags have been showing up on the floor of the dugouts since we put out the trash cans. Again, these fields are not city-maintained, and being only half responsible is not good enough. Slinging your dog waste in the general direction of where young children play is simply not appropriate.

Being a dog walker myself, and in support of taxpayers rights to use public property, which SPNLL is not, it is always the actions of a few that tarnish the reputation for everyone. Scooping dog poop is not glamorous, but it is your civic responsibility, as is making sure it is properly disposed. Please carry it home, or call your city councilor or city manager and request a trash can be placed at the intersection of the greenbelt and Pine Street.

George G. Hackett
South Portland