Letter: Somers, Turek for Scarborough Town Council

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Distinguishing among candidates is difficult. They all speak of strong schools, reasonable taxes, affordable housing, better communication, tax relief for seniors, and community engagement. Sounds great right? I agree, but also sounds like political speak, which is frustrating.

I look for differences. We need leaders willing to put issues on the table in public, not behind the scenes.

We need leaders courageous enough to ask questions and challenge the status quo. Three-plus years of failed school budget votes, increased taxes, and disproportionate attention to certain neighborhoods have torn Scarborough apart. Enough is enough.

For these reasons I hope you will consider joining me in voting for William Somers and Mike Turek for Town Council. I believe they will best represent and balance the needs of the entire town.

Not just schools, not just the beachfront, and not just their political party.

Katy Foley