Letter: Some 8th-grade wisdom to ponder

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I think that this whole election has brought out the worst in us. When we hold an election in this country it is based on winning and losing. When you win you shouldn’t gloat or rub it in other people’s faces. When you lose you accept and move on. We shouldn’t burn American flags and shoot people. This shouldn’t happen in the world. If you are so unhappy to be in this country then you can go to another country. After we accept this election we need to get right back up and try again. I don’t care if you lost or you can’t figure out why you lost, because there is always an opportunity to bounce back and try again in four years.

Joseph St. John, eighth grade
Mahoney Middle School
South Portland 

  • 101indianscout

    Joseph, you are a very wise young man. If you were a bit older, you would be a good consideration for secretary of state

  • Chew H Bird

    Excellent post and a great reminder that keeping things simple is often the best way to succeed. Thank you for sharing.

    • truther

      Eh, I’m with Ed on this one. I guess we’re all supposed to be impressed that an eighth grader bothered to write a letter to the Forecaster about civics, and yeah that’s commendable. But the letter itself just regurgitates a few partisan talking points, misses some basic Constitutional concepts, and doesn’t make any effort to explain or support its premise. Who, for example, is burning American flags and shooting people? Which people should pack up and move to another country? What is he talking about?

      • Chew H Bird

        I have no problem with dissent, provided it is logical, fair to all, is based in reality, and passes the straight face test. As for content, I cannot imagine that I, when I was in junior High, would have been able to come up with unique opinions regarding (pretty much) anything. Probably the closest I came to publicly stating my political opinion in 8th grade was wearing a McGovern button to school.

  • EdBeem

    Joseph, if you love your country and see it falling short of its ideals, you don’t desert it, you work hard to change the inequities and injustices. Dissent is patriotic.