Letter: Social policy isn't similar to insurance policy

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Edgar Allen Beem seems to think my property is his property by using the government to force me to give up my pay check in the form of taxes for social engineering policy that historically has been proven not to work. His position that we pool our resources is a communist idea.

Insurance is a risk assessment. I determine my exposure to risk in my health, car, home insurance, and shop for the best policy based on price, availability and other factors to mitigate my exposure to enormous costs that I cannot afford from my paycheck. The insurance company is also worried about its exposure to claims, and prices its products accordingly.

No one to my knowledge contributes to my personal policies. Although, I am a subscriber to an insurance company that pools population risks together, we, collectively, do not create other people’s money pools, it is the industries or corporations that do this.

Mr. Beem should look at the U.S. government sites that show how deeply in red ink these social welfare programs are, and see that if the U.S. Treasury was not allowed to borrow or print money, realville would set in, and this communist utopia he desires would be realized and rejected quickly. But the U.S. government ensures that the American voter does not have this information in a timely fashion, and a truthful manner. So we get the drones, and “Hey Dude” fools running government policy.

Debbie A. Barry
Lisbon Falls