Letter: Sobering experience for Freeport candidate

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Thank you for your coverage of the campaign for state Senate District 10, in which I was the Republican Party candidate. The coverage was balanced and accurate, a nice surprise for a first-time candidate who did not know what to expect. In fact it was one of a few pleasant surprises in what was probably a quixotic effort. The best part was the chance to meet a great number of very nice people (including my very forbearing campaign Treasurer Stacey Chenevert, and communications expert Mark Holbrook) on both sides of the campaign.

On the down side, it was sad, if edifying, to see how little most individuals knew, or even cared, about the very significant differences between the candidates on the issues. Also surprising, the whole Republican campaign for the state Senate was very defensive and focused almost exclusively on the two years just passed, rather than offering a vision for what specifically could and should be accomplished going forward. The result was not surprising; not a revolution as much as a counter-revolution, returning the Legislature to the interests and policies of the three decades prior to 2010, which have left Maine in sad shape economically and now with no real prospects for needed reform. Thanks again.

Ralph Dean