Letter: Snowe, Collins should back chemicals bill

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As a breast cancer survivor, there are many things I can do to prevent this terrible disease. I can eat well, get regular exercise, and reduce my stress. But some things are out of my control. Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found more than 212 industrial chemicals in the bodies of most Americans, including many linked to cancer?

We need our elected officials to protect us from toxic chemicals in everyday products. America’s federal chemical safety law, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), was passed 35 years ago and has not been updated to address the massive increase in global chemical use and production. This broken, inadequate law has allowed nearly 80,000 chemicals into everyday products, without adequate safety testing.

I’m asking Sens. Snowe and Collins to be our heroes by co-sponsoring the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011. This act will modernize TSCA and require manufacturers to demonstrate the safety of chemicals they put in their products. I am counting on Sens. Snowe and Collins to ensure a safer, less toxic society for our children and grandchildren.

Judith Wohl