Letter: Smart meters compound health problems

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I am one of many concerned citizens against wireless smart meters. I have had my sensitivity to electromagnetic frequency/radiation proved. In addition to the culmination of existing wireless technology, we are now forced with even greater amounts from wireless meters on every home, school and business in the state that Central Maine Power Co. services. They admittedly did not survey their customers prior to blanketing Maine.

Anyone in the industry doing their due diligence would quickly learn of the health concern that has already erupted in many cities, entire states and foreign countries.

My symptoms are real: bone/joint pain, nausea, disrupted sleep patterns, pain in temples into my neck around the carotid artery, memory lapse. It has grown worse since the installation of my neighbors’ meters that now stream through my house. For me it compromises my immune system. When the immune system is weakened disease takes advantage.

Information from the meters to hubs travel the most direct and shortest path possible (as stated by a CMP spokesman, who also refused to admit – by walking away speechless when confronted with the reality – that the EMF/radiation travels through structures to get to the hubs).

Call CMP. Request removal of your wireless smart meter. The most vulnerable groups to microwave radiation from wireless technologies are women, children and at-risk adults with an existing health condition.

Julie Tupper
South Portland