Letter: Show support for Cape Elizabeth library

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It is time for those who support Cape Elizabeth’s Thomas Memorial Library and Cultural Center Building Project to have their voices heard, loud and clear. Citizens who support the project need to participate in the current public engagement process by attending the open meetings and educating themselves, as well as others, about the project and the issues.

Most importantly, supporters need to contact their town councilors to let them know they support the project. If supporters expect that others are going to carry the ball for them, then a new library for Cape will not happen. Each and every citizen needs to make the effort to be a part of the process.

The library project has been studied and debated for over five years. It is now time to move it forward and get the job done. If a November referendum on the project should become a reality, then supporters need to get out and vote. You can be sure that the dissenters will be doing just that, so your vote of support is essential to bring the Cape library into the 21st century.

Nancy H. Marshall
Cape Elizabeth