Letter: Shooting squirrels isn't a 'win-win'

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In response to Jamie Broder’s “Man versus squirrel, with a little help from the crows,” you set the bait, wait for them to come, become angry when the wildlife you don’t want to see come to this buffet, and start shooting the undesirables. This is a “win-win” situation?

There are many alternatives to slaughtering the animals you don’t want at your feeders. There are many, many other choices to be sought out and made that don’t require baseless killing that for you has become not only a necessity, but a joke. What next? The crows when they flock to your feeders expecting a bounty and overrun your yard? What about the other carrion eaters you’ve effectively invited into your yard? You call yourself peaceful and mild mannered? That is a joke.

One last point. You bait the trap, lure them in, then kill them. Hunting season for gray squirrel is Oct. 1-Nov. 30. What you are doing is illegal, to say nothing of immoral, cruel and inhumane.

Rachel Parsons, licensed wildlife rehabilitater