Letter: Shame on Netanyahu, not Pingree

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Shame? Yes, let’s talk about shame. Not that of U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, who should feel none for skipping a speech by Benjamin Netanyahu, as he unabashedly used the U.S. Congress as a campaign stop for his own re-election – all organized by Republicans behind President Obama’s back, thereby insulting not only the sitting president, but the office itself.

No, let’s talk about Netanyahu and his disgraceful behavior. In addition to the above, how about his election stunt of promising his right-wing base that there will never be a Palestinian state on his watch, then – again seemingly shamelessly – turning around shortly after the election to say he’ll work for a two-state solution after all. These are exactly the kind of hypocritical antics that give politicians a bad name. And to state that Israeli Arabs are going to the polls in droves? Isn’t that what democracy is all about? Does he see this as a problem?

One thing I agree with Julie McDonald-Smith about is the evil of one group of people seeing another group of people as something less than human. She hit the nail on the head. I can’t think of a better description of how Netanyahu and his supporters seem to regard Palestinians.

Nancy O’Hagan