Letter: Sexy servers deserve more compensation

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Natalie Ladd’s Dishin’ That column “What happens in the kitchen doesn’t stay there” is more than interesting for my wife and me. My wife (70-plus years old) has published on food herself, while I (80-plus) enjoy the confirmation of the service staff. I was saddened however, to read that in some bars and restaurants the female waitresses are required to dress concentrating more on sex than on food.

There are ways to satisfy both my wife and me. Well, almost. Even though I’ve been described as “a dirty old man” (possibly correct, since I am old), all is mute when women are forced to wear provocative clothing if they “want” the job. Thus they have two jobs, one serving food and the other entertainment (even if only in fantasy). Are they paid for both? I doubt it, since they are paid so little by the establishment that I have to contribute some in the form of a tip. But this forced sexy clothing thing ought to include pay for her for “entertainment” services much as the establishment pays only for some her waitress services. And I’d be damned if I need to increase the tip to fund the addition – my wife would not permit it. So my sexy waitress, demand a double salary.

Peter Boehmer