Letter: Sex harassment victims need support

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I recently read that sexual harassment still goes on in our world today, but women may feel too ashamed to come forward and talk about it. I’ve noticed from a personal experience with a person it is really hard for a married woman to admit a sexual harassment assault; we as woman often times feel it is our fault and we put the blame on ourselves.

My thoughts on sexual harassment are very strong; I personally know that it still goes on today, so to think that is doesn’t happen is naive. I believe that it is wrong for men to think that they can make remarks or rude gestures; people really need to think about how their actions affect others.

I do believe that in the work place or in communities in general we need to create an atmosphere that will allow woman or people to feel comfortable to come forward when they are violated. We need to be ensured that when someone is telling the truth and are traumatized we need to support them.

Sofia Beishline