Letter: Send Tepler to Augusta

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I am writing to express my support for Denise Tepler for representative in House District 60. I am also urging those of you who have yet to make a decision on who to support to look past any political designation and instead focus on how each candidate would represent us. Denise does not speak in sound bites and would not represent Topsham as if every issue could be boiled down to one sentence. Denise recognizes that the issues that face Topsham are complex and demand more than adhering to any party line. She is an independent thinker concerned only with what is good for Topsham and she recognizes that good ideas are not the monopoly of one party.

Denise commits herself tirelessly to every cause she is involved with, not just doing so to burnish her political resume. Denise has also demonstrated her commitment by tirelessly knocking on doors to talk to us about our issues and concerns. She is committed to listening to us and seeking our feedback as she strives to not just learn about our concerns, but also demonstrates that when the time comes for her to make a decision on a vote in Augusta, her vote will be in the best interests of Topsham.

I will be supporting Denise Tepler because I know how hard Denise will work for Topsham and I can trust her to vote for us and not any special interests or political parties.

Andrew T. Mason