Letter: Send Richard to Augusta

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The state of Maine is drowning in debt. Year after year the Maine legislature spends money it doesn’t have. It increases your debt. Your state Legislature avoids hard, honest budget decisions. Unfunded Actuarial Liability, meaning they do not have the money, for your Maine State Retirement System obligations, exceeds $3 billion and growing. Promising change, election after election, for 30 years, the Democratic legislative majority legislated no realistic plan, or desire to contain the red ink. They use the same excuse, “We have to invest in our future.” Well, here it is: billions of debt.

These practices are unsustainable, just like the mortgage lending craziness. Is Maine headed for foreclosure, too? This is under-reported and not fair to us and grossly unfair to future, unborn generations, whose taxes must increase to pay for postponed obligations.

For 36 uninterrupted years the Maine House of Representatives has been in Democratic control and mismanagement. Stop the bleeding. Do your part. Replace our Democrat representative in Augusta. Vote for Mark Richard. Vote to stop the red ink. Change the direction in Augusta.

As responsible, moral, community oriented people we must do the right thing. Vote for Mark Richard for the House of Representatives, District 112. Do your part to take control of the Legislature away from the Democratic party that has mortgaged the future of your children. Vote Mark Richard. He will vote to stop governing by debt.

Kathleen Traynor