Letter: Send Manchester, Payeur to the Legislature

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When you vote please keep uppermost in mind the welfare of Maine’s residents.

In this important election we need to focus on quality representation. Who will best serve Maine’s interests? I’m enthusiastic about two candidates’ qualities; their sound judgment, good human skills, in addition to political shrewdness. Each is known for going the extra mile, listening well, and being highly engaged and disciplined in business.

Republicans Cathy Manchester, in Senate District 25, and Greg Payeur, in House District 44, are aware of what keeps many of us awake at night. Let them be your eyes and ears. Give them the responsibility of bringing positive change for Mainers. They have demonstrated industriousness and competence in business. They take pride in the outcomes of each day’s demands. Cathy and Greg will get my vote on Nov. 4. I hope you, too, will give them the responsibility of getting your voice heard.

Marge Merrill Devine