Letter: Send Bliss back to the Senate

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When things go wrong, we want to blame all our leaders – make a clean sweep and elect new people. But hold on: huge organizations like state government are highly complex and operate best when the people who work within them have learned, by experience, how to make them do so.

Candidates new to the system have to spend considerable time to build up that experience, so valuable effort can be lost while burning issues are at hand. If we already have a candidate who has our best interests at heart, who has already shown considerable capability in representing us and who already knows his way around, shouldn’t we try to keep him?

Larry Bliss is that man. In the house, and now in the senate, Larry has gained a wealth of “go-to” resources, reliable working relationships and considerable knowledge about the issues which affect us. Look at his legislative record. He has proposed and often effectively brought about passage of protections for the afflicted and smoother paths for all of us.

Larry means it when he says his goals are “putting people first” by “promoting education and jobs” and by “protecting our environment.” If we re-elect him, we will make it possible for him to continue his good work in our behalf.

Dolores Broberg
South Portland