Letter: Sen. Collins' legacy is ignoring her constituents

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U.S. Sen. Susan Collins is puzzled by the response to her vote for the tax bill and thinks there’s “a group from the far left that’s just rooting for me to fail.”

I’m a centrist and I am outraged. She is unwilling to acknowledge that this bill does not help the middle class, provides huge benefits to the wealthy, increases the deficit dramatically, and has been drafted so hurriedly that we will face many unintended consequences. Her efforts to address the health-care aspects do not come close to addressing the myriad issues in the bill as a whole. When asked to explain her support for increasing the deficit by over $1 trillion, Collins alluded to economists that have rejected that claim. She must have some crystal ball to be able to see so far in the future and predict growth trends with such certainty.

It’s unlikely that the concessions she wants will be enacted and no doubt the leadership will start attacking Medicaid and entitlements to make up the shortfall in revenues.

Collins has voted yes on Betsy DeVos in committee, vouched for the integrity of Jeff Sessions, and voted for the tax bill. She has set the cement for her legacy: nice rhetoric, followed by going along with the Senate Republican leadership, leaving the people she represents behind.

If Collins is surprised, perhaps spending time with her constituents and hearing their concern would help?

Nils Tcheyan
Orrs Island