Letter: Schools must make better decisions

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Gillian Graham and Emily Guerin recently reported on school budget cuts in the Mid-Coast area. None of us want to eliminate what we consider to be important out of our budget; however it seems to me that the schools have a more pressing problem than their budgets.

Over the past several years, the report card for the schools in SAD 75 (i.e., No Child Left Behind) shows that students have struggled in math and reading. Parents should be outraged that their students are lacking the necessary math skills and are unable to read at their grade levels. It is time for adults to hold the school district accountable for what they are supposed to be doing – educating children. I feel that this is not a matter of money as it is choosing programs that teach students the necessary skills and seeing that they are at grade level before promoting them to the next grade. It is my intent to work with the schools in the area to find a solution to this problem which will not in fact cause an increase in the budget.

Patricia Walden