Letter: School plan is right for South Portland

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We are writing to urge a yes vote for the renovation of South Portland High School. The deterioration of the building is well known, and most reasonable people agree that something must be done. The project being proposed has been carefully designed to provide the best value to the citizens of South Portland. It was even sent out for independent review and they agreed that the design and projected cost of the project made sense. No other ideas being tossed around can say that. You get what you pay for, and trying to do this piecemeal or on the cheap will cost us more in the long run. Continuing to have a deteriorating high school will lead to probation status from the accreditation commission. This can only hurt property values and weaken our community. That is something we just can’t afford.

There is only one plan currently before us that has been endorsed by local businesses, including our local chamber of commerce, National Semiconductor and Fairchild Semiconductor. They understand, as do many others, that communities have to invest in themselves and their future. They understand that borrowing and construction costs are at their lowest in years, and that inaction will cost us dearly. The high school renovation plan is the right plan, for the right reasons, at the right time. Please vote yes for our high school, our children, and our community.

Howard Kunin & Annie Dunne
South Portland