Letter: Scarcelli story a 'hatchet job'

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Shame on The Forecaster for publishing Marian McCue’s hatchet job on Rosa Scarcelli. When I was just a few sentences into the article, I thought, “Sounds like this piece was written by a PR person for another candidate.” Then I read that it was by a contributing writer for the supposedly non-partisan Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting. When I got to the end of the piece, my initial assumption proved valid: Marian McCue, writing for a supposedly “non-partisan” organization had, indeed, contributed $100 to one of the other gubernatorial candidates. Clearly, the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting loses all credibility given that contribution-backed bias.

This piece is as “fair and balanced” as a Fox news commentator’s right-wing diatribe. Rosa’s mother gets slammed – fairly or not, I have no idea – and by association, Rosa, too, gets slammed. The piece was filled with irrelevant details (e.g. Waynflete School tuition) and loaded words (e.g. “Democratic party operatives”). Moreover – and here’s the most egregious flaw – this hatchet job devoted not one word to Rosa’s specific and succinct plans for dealing with Maine’s pressing issues. The Forecaster should issue an apology to Rosa Scarcelli, and the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting should disassociate itself from writers who have contributed to current political campaigns.

David Treadwell