Letter: Scarborough school custodians deserve better

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Did you know the Scarborough School Board has determined to “outsource” all the custodians employed by the School Department? To be “outsourced” means to be let go – unemployed, no work, no wages, no benefits. This has happened in a few other towns. Good jobs that support families have been eliminated and replaced with low-paying jobs without benefits. These jobs become “transient jobs.” People come and go from them because they don’t have benefits or pay enough to live on. This, in a time when our national goal is to create good jobs.

Taking a trained, loyal employee and replacing them with “come-and-go” subcontractors takes away a level of security in the schools. Children notice.

Please think again, Scarborough. Over 20 families will be put out of work, many of whom live in Scarborough.

Do the right thing. Contact your School Board members and tell them you want to keep the good jobs going and stay a strong, connected community. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The children will notice.

Deborah Marston, education technician
Scarborough School Department