Letter: Scarborough recall a matter of leadership

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The Scarborough School Board has worked countless hours and done a wonderful job. They have implemented fantastic improvements. They have a wealth of experience and are nice people, perhaps too nice. The superintendent is their employee. Perhaps their good nature is what has led them to let her take the helm. You can do a stellar job under certain circumstances, but when the circumstances change, you must be able to still do a great job. This is where I think the board falls short. They should be exercising their positions of leadership over the superintendent.

I am voting for a recall not because I disagree with the decisions made. It is because of how the decisions have been made, implemented and communicated. It’s because teachers, students and parents have not received answers and have been ignored. It’s because the compromises that were wanted so badly for months came only after the recall drive started. It’s because there is an overwhelming lack of trust in the superintendent and the School Board. It’s because members of the board continue to simply defend themselves, but do not acknowledge anything that they could have done differently or better. We owe it to our kids to try to fix this mess as quickly as possible.

How does one sum up all of this with one word? I don’t know. Incompetent is a harsh word, but I hope that doesn’t dissuade people from looking at the issues as a whole.

Margaret Mogavero