Letter: Scarborough must protect Avenue 2 Ext.

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I’ve recently been asked by some other Pine Point homeowners to consider donating to a fund to hire an attorney to defend the public ownership of Avenue 2 Extension. But the thing is, I’ve already donated to this fund, to the tune of over $8,000, and I have done so every year for as long as I’ve owned property in Pine Point. Isn’t this why I pay property taxes? Isn’t it the obligation of town officials, to be stewards of all town assets? Isn’t this the proper role of government: to step in and assist citizens to perform certain actions that would be too difficult or too expensive for each citizen to do acting alone?

Make no mistake, a right of way to the beach over someone’s driveway or through someone’s yard is not the same as public ownership of a street that ends at the beach. Scarborough should not sign away Avenue 2 Extension, an oceanfront parcel worth half a million dollars, to the private owner next door.

Susan Hamill