Letter: Scarborough issue is access

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This is a request to Scarborough Town Councilors Roy and Sullivan to ask for reconsideration of the July 15 vote by the Town Council to give Depot Street to a seasonal business in exchange for a 22-foot corridor access to the beach. Depot Street has belonged to the town and has provided year-round public access to the beach for over 100 years.

I have traveled the east, west and Florida coasts of the United States desirous of viewing beautiful beaches only to find those views blocked by mile after mile of luxurious beach-front houses and condos and being told to “drive down the road a few miles to the town park if you want to go to the beach.” I am concerned that this may be the underlying agenda in Pine Point.

I have worked all my life and lived as a conservative, exercising astute financial discipline. I own my thumbnail piece of property on the north side of East Grand Avenue and depend like many others on public access to the beach.

Please reconsider the July 15 vote and help us keep our current access to the beach through our beloved Depot Street. Let’s take a stand here for the average person, not just for the wealthy and the powerful. Stand with us as we try to protect what should be our right to enjoy.

Marilyn Pena