Letter: Scarborough fact and fiction

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It has been said that if one repeats a lie often enough folks will believe it to be true. This seems to have been the strategy of the Pine Point Residents Group concerning the land swap of Depot Street in Scarborough. Inundating newspapers with letters and storming council chambers with dozens of citizens doesn’t make their claims any more true.

For example, the claim that public access to Pine Point Beach is being taken away is blatantly false. The access point is moving. The claim that the view is being taken away borders on absurd. The last time I checked a hideous 6-foot-high stockade fence restricted the view. This fence will be removed as part of the covenants for the land swap.

Several letters congratulated Councilors Rancourt and D’Andrea because of their courage to bring the issue forward for reconsideration. One would think that if either of these councilors was serious about reconsideration they would have spoken to the issue when another councilor extended them the courtesy by moving to open the floor for discussion. That they sat in silence speaks volumes and indicates reconsideration was purely a grandstanding measure.

This is a democratic process where councilors make decisions based on many sources of input, not just public opinion at a council meeting. That folks in favor didn’t speak at the meeting is more a reflection of the mob-like mentality of the opposition. That reasonable minds can differ is the very foundation of democracy.

Former Town Councilor Jeffrey Messer