Letter: Scarborough faces a coastal backlash

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What have we learned about Scarborough’s property assessment practices since the state issued its woefully inappropriate report?

We’ve learned that the state’s report could not substantiate Scarborough’s approach in its targeted revaluation of homeowners. In particular, it did not justify Scarborough’s approach with the use of sales data through April 1 fair market value on that date. We learned that the state’s report included sales data well beyond that date – in fact, through June 2013. This created the illusion of equity throughout Scarborough.

Ask yourself, why would the state, as an “independent” regulatory entity, embark on a path riddled with the fragrant disregard of logic and rules?

Could it be that the state’s assessor, who worked directly with the town of Scarborough in reviewing its assessment ratios and practices back in 2012, is the very same individual that developed the state’s recent report on Scarborough’s 2012 assessment practices? That the report was, at least in part, a review of his own “independent” work?

Homeowners throughout Scarborough are fed up with Scarborough’s discriminatory practices. They are seeking honest, fair and responsive government. It’s no wonder that the coastal communities are now contemplating secession from Scarborough, a movement proved successful in other Maine communities.

Eastern Scarborough. It has a nice honest ring to it, doesn’t it?

Don Petrin