Letter: Scarborough council's arrogance

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It’s long been realized that unhealthy ego leads to arrogance and arrogance can lead to abuse and abuse can create superheated ego. And so the cycle goes.

Scarborough residents, who are watching, have just witnessed a classic example of that circular scenario with the abuse of power demonstrated by five members of the Town Council severely injuring the town and the people they were elected to serve.

Hiding behind the dismissive attitude of “don’t bother me with facts; don’t interrupt my vote with information that could, no would, make for a far better outcome for Scarborough beach-users and taxpayers; don’t expect me to reconsider the $300,000 Depot Street giveaway to owners of the abutting motel when my mind has already hardened into position,” Councillors Wood, Babine, Ahlquist, Sullivan and Roy thumbed their collective noses at the hundreds of concerned residents who favored a land swap that would be fair and equitable for all concerned parties.

There are times when standing strong and being firm is the proper course. There are also times when intransigence is mule-headed and very wrong. By their vote a majority of council members have mired themselves in the latter position and demonstrated that securing the public good is not uppermost among their official goals and responsibilities.

Scarborough is fortunate that Councilors Rancourt and D’Andrea have shown they are willing to consider all pertinent facts before making a decision that affects the community forever. It’s truly unfortunate for the town that this fulsome five has responded to other motivation.

George Pulkkinen