Letter: Scarborough council ignores will of the people

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It is thoroughly disheartening to see that the Scarborough Town Council has again managed to completely ignore the will of the people of our town. In a record-breaking referendum vote, residents voted by a margin of 3-1 to reject unnecessary restrictions on dogs. The Town Council, who had previously declared they would abide by the town’s vote, instead chose themselves to select an ad hoc committee and proceeded to stack it, 4-3, in their own favor, against the clearly expressed will of the populace they are elected to serve.

Reasonable discussion of the issues (such as the fact that dogs are not even on the Audubon Society’s list of threats to plovers, while more significant threats are going unexamined) is not being allowed at the council meetings. Meanwhile, newspapers print misleading headlines such as “compromise comes hard to dog group,” and misinformed citizens trumpet that “it’s all about the plovers.” This situation is the opposite of democracy.

Mary Wheeler