Letter: Scarborough council erred

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On Aug. 19, Scarborough residents pleaded one more time with the Town Council to reconsider the unfair and unequal land swap of Depot Street with the Lighthouse Motel owners.


Once again residents left the meeting in a state of disbelief that the Town Council would not change its decision after significant new information was presented as to why this swap is legally and procedurally flawed. The hall was packed with residents showing their unified sentiment not to close the road and 34 residents and taxpayers addressed the council with their concerns.


What does it take to convince the so-called stewards of Scarborough to listen to their constituency? Councilors Rancourt and D’Andrea seem to be the only two who know how to do their job and be respectful of citizen concerns.


How the other councilors can sleep at night is beyond me after having closed a road used by the people since Colonial times. They not only have given away a precious parcel worth well over $300,000; closed a public road to the beach; have no definitive plan for the so-called beach drop off, and broke their own rules several times, but they also waited until the end of the meeting after everyone left to condemn the good people who spoke.


I hope Scarborough will modify its Town Charter so residents can petition for removal of those irresponsible councilors whose scandalous behavior warrants being dismissed by the voters.




Jeanne McGurn