Letter: Scarborough board lacks collaboration, transparency

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When teachers ask to meet with the Scarborough Board of Education and the answer is no, that is incompetence. When a teacher vote of “No Confidence” in the superintendent and board is not acknowledged, that is incompetence. (Board Protocol No. 3: “Communication between staff and board is encouraged.”)

The board recall vote does not negate the good work these members have done. It highlights what they have not done, which is listen, ask questions, and gather information around sensitive topics in our schools. A competent board would seek teacher input, investigate the firing of an effective principal, and acknowledge crisis in our community. A competent board would have insisted on a meeting, but ours chose to avoid one.

The concerns of our teachers – the ones respectfully and thoughtfully implementing agendas from the top – should be a board’s top priority; teachers have the most contact with our children. (Board Protocol No. 1: “Children’s interests come first.”)

If the board, superintendent, principal, and leadership team had come together for a discussion of the teachers’ concerns regarding implementation of proficiency-based education, we might not be in this crisis. (Board Protocol No. 2: “We will work to keep the superintendent and fellow board members fully aware of current issues and concerns.”)

I believe in the spirit of collaboration and transparency. Voters, please step out of the personal friend zone to renew our town. Be brave. Be bold. Your vote is confidential. Yes on May 8.

Jennifer Sullivan